Makeup Awards: 2017

Even though 2017 was really about skincare for me, that did not stop me from falling back in love with makeup.

These are some of my favorite things I used in 2017.


Giorgio Armani Power Fabric in 3

I am on my second bottle of this stuff. That really is saying something, since I typically switch foundations once I finish a bottle. I like to try new things pretty often, but every morning I reach for this. It’s not overly drying, gives medium-high coverage, & does not need to be set with powder.


NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer in Vanilla

Even with the collection of concealers that I have amassed over the year, this is still the one concealer that I keep reaching for. It’s not even a question. This works like a dream both under my eyes as well as around the rest of my face to cover any blemishes.


Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder in 1 Fair

Let’s start with the fact that I hate powder. I feel cakey with almost every powder I’ve used. Except this. It’s so incredibly finely milled. It sets my makeup and really helps lock everything in place without ever getting cakey. I can pack this on and it still looks flawless. My only qualm with this is that it felt like I went through it rather quickly, but I guess that just shows how much I truly love it.

Marc Jacobs Tan-tastic Bronzer

This one was limited edition, so it’s no longer available, but I just had to add it in. Some of you may have seen my Insta stories where I showed how they domed the product to make it look like there is more product than there actually is. This domed effect does make the product more prove to breakage since there is nothing supporting the powder. With that being said, it is the bronzer that I have fallen in love with. It has the perfect formulation. The undertone is not too orange, so I don’t look like am oompa loompa when I use it. It truly is the perfect bronzer for pale skin tones. If only it didn’t break.

Wet N’ Wild Contouring Palette in Dulce De Leche

The closest thing I have found to the Marc Jacobs bronzer, this one from Wet N’ Wild comes in at less than $5. While it says that it is a contouring powder, I find that it works amazingly well as a bronzer on my fair skin tone. It’s also just as smooth and applies just as beautifully as the Marc Jacobs one. If you missed out on being able to pick up the Marc Jacobs, or you just don’t want to spend that kind of money on a bronzer, I highly recommend picking this one up.


Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Moonstone

This is a new find for me. I’ve seen Becca highlighters everywhere, & I guess for some reason, that made me not was to pick one up. I put it off for the longest time. And then I swatched Moonstone. It is the perfect pale gold highlight. This is the first gold highlight that I have been able to wear without it looking like a strip of gold sitting on my face. Use a little and give a natural glow or layer it up and be seen by space. Either way, this highlight is beautiful. Can’t recommend enough!

Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim High Intensity Lipstick in I Wish

There is just something so feisty about these lipsticks. Like I could stab you & look good while doing it sort of vibes. Now that is now a reason to like a lipstick, but it sure doesn’t hurt. These bad boys are opaque in one swipe, are comfortable on the lips, & seem to last quite a long time. My personal favorite shade is I Wish, my current favorite nude lipstick. I could wear this everyday and never get bored! It was cool-toned enough to not just look yellow on my pale skin. I just love it!


Melt Rust Stack

I love this eyeshadow set. Specifically because of the shade Rust. All of the shades are beautiful mattes, but this one. There is something special about this shade. This deep brown had a burgundy undertone to it, which makes my green eyes pop.


Linda Hallberg Infinity Palette

I have spoken about this before, but if you need just one palette to take with you traveling, this is it. Contour, bronze, blush, highlight, eyes. This bad boy has it all. This is definitely my perfect travel pallet and includes all the staples you could need. Using the premise of a painters palette, this palette was built around the idea of mixing colors together to create your perfect shade.


Clarins Natural Lip Perfector

Now, I am not a gloss person. Typically, I find them to be stringy and sticky and my hair just seems to want to get stuck in them. But there is something about these lip perfectors that has changed my mind on lip gloss. These are not sticky whatsoever. They also smell like vanilla, which is just glorious. They keep my lips hydrated throughout the day and give just the right amount of shine to make my lips look every so slightly plumper.


What were your favorite makeup items in 2017?

Holiday Gift Guide: Makeup & Scent Edit

One of my favorite things to gift around the holidays is makeup. there are just so many  gorgeous gift sets that come out this time of year. It seems like everywhere I turn, there is a new eyeshadow palette or lip set popping up. It can get a bit overwhelming to know what is worth picking up. And if you’re trying to shop smaller brands, it can be ever more difficult to know where to look.

The second in my gift guide series, these are my favorite makeup & scent gifts this season.


FACE    ————————————————————————————————————————-

Linda Hallberg Infinity Palette


Want a palette that can do everything? Contour, Bronzer, Blush, Highlight, Brows, Eyes. This bad boy is a power house palette. With a beautiful silky formula, this is the perfect travel palette. The Infinity Palette comes in a combination of four warm and four cool shades, in both matte and shimmery finishes. The best part about is? I truly believe that almost any skin tone could use this.

Kosas Color & Light Cheek Duos


Small enough to fit in a stocking, these cheek duos prove that great things come in small packages.

These cheek duo come in both cream & powder finishes and include a blush as well as highlight. The two that I have included are Tropic Equinox (Cream) & Papaya 1972 (Pressed Powder). I must say that if you like a natural highlight, then the highlights in these are perfection.

The pressed formula is one of the most finely missed powders I’ve ever used, making it incredibly silky. Because of how smooth these are, they almost feel like a cream to the touch allowing them to never feel drying or cakey on the skin. When it comes to blush shades I am very picky & Kosas really has outdone themselves on this one. This truly is the perfect nude-coral shade. Be warned though, the blush does have a good amount of pigmentation to it, so I would recommend using a light hand (as I would recommend for all blushes) & building up to the color you want.

The cream version has an almost oil based consistency to it, so if you have oilier skin, you may want to opt for the powder formulation instead. If you like a dewy look, this is beautiful. I love this specific one (Tropic Equinox) because the blush shade works perfectly as a cream bronzer on my pale complexion & since most days all I use is a bronzer & highlight, this is the perfect on the go duo.

Want both of these shades AND two lipsticks? Kosas makes an Alter Ego set in Future Icon which comes with both of these Cheek Duos as well as a bright red & deep neutral lipsticks.

By Terry Compact Expert Dual Powder


If you are looking for a perfectly milled powder & highlighter compact, then look no further. I believe there are 8 shades available, but since I’m pasty AF, I use the lightest shade: 01 Ivory Fair. All of the shades come with a matte outer ring, perfect for setting your foundation & concealer, and a glimmering highlight in the center. Both powders are incredibly smooth and glide on the skin without grabbing onto any dry patches or accentuating imperfections. The highlight provides almost a lit from within glow without any perceivable glitter particles.

Just looking for a highlight? By Terry recently came out with a Holiday Dual Compact similar to these, but both rings are highlights: By Terry Preciosity Flash Light Dual Compact.

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops in Holo


One of the most unique highlighters I have ever come across, Cover FX’s Custom Enhancer Drop in Holo gives of a beautiful lilac glow. These drops can be applied before or after makeup, or mixed into foundation for a luminous glow. I refer to use them mixed into foundation. If a lilac highlight is exactly up your alley, they also offer these drops in a variety of shades that suit almost any skin tone.


EYES     ————————————————————————————————————————

Melt Cosmetics Rust Stack


If you are looking for a killer basic matte palette to gift to someone, I would highly suggest looking at Melt Cosmetics. Their Rust Stack is something to be fawned over. The packaging makes it stand out immediately, but it’s really the quality of the shadows that make you reach for it over and over again. The shadows are smooth, buttery, & pigmented while still blending beautifully on the eye. Slightly on the warmer side, I find these shades really make my green eyes stand out, especially the shade Rust (second from the bottom), which has a red undertone.

Linda Hallberg Eyeshadow Palettes

Linda Hallberg calls all of her palettes “multi-functional palettes” because the powder is formulated where you can use them any way you like. These two new palettes I added into the eyes category just because that’s where I thought the shades were most suited, but you are able to use them all over the face & body.

Metallic Mysteries


My personal favorite of the two newly released palettes, specifically because I’m likely to use it more in my everyday makeup routine, these four intense metallic shadows are not quite as soft as the Enchanted Secrets & Infinity Palettes, but give of the most beautiful reflective sheen to the eye. With 3 intense metallic shimmers & one metallic infused with sparkle (Collision), these shades are beautiful as a wash of color all over the eye or as a bright pop in the center of the lid.

Enchanted Secrets


Enchanted Secrets Duochrome Palette is hands down one of the most unique palettes Linda Hallberg offers. These duochrome shadows are softer than silk & transform depending on which color you use underneath. They can be used dry for a light wash of reflective color, or over a dark base to really make the duochrome effect stand out.

Natasha Denona Sunset Palette


One of the most beautiful palettes I have ever seen, I have been debating picking this up ever since it first came out. This really would be one of the most luxe palettes that you could get for someone. The formula is perfection, and the shades are absolutely beautiful. If you are looking for a warm toned luxury palette, you really can’t go wrong with this one.

Looking for an cheaper alternative for the Sunset Palette?


Check out the Sephora Pro Warm Palette. At less than half the price, this is a beautiful palette. The formula obviously isn’t as glorious & buttery, but I find it’s still very easy to work with. There is a little bit of kick-up, but the shades are easy to blend and are fairly pigmented.


LIPS     ————————————————————————————————————————


Bare Minerals Send Nudes Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lipcolor Trio


My favorite “liquid lipstick”, the Bare Minerals Gen Nude collection has an almost velvety texture that never dries out your lips. These truly are the most comfortable liquid lip that I have tried. These three nudes all have a warm undertone to them, yet somehow look good even on my slightly cooler toned complexion. If you are looking for a nude lip gift set this holiday season, I highly suggest look at Bare Minerals.

Dose Of Colors Holibae Matte Liquid Lipstick Set


Looking for a red liquid lipstick alternative? Look no further than Dose Of Colors. They have some of the most smooth, opaque liquid lipsticks around. While not as moisturizing as the Gen Nude Liquid Lipsticks, these are not overly drying & I don’t find that they crack on my lips.

Clinique Party Pops Set


Prefer an actual lipstick? This set from Clinique comes with two minis of their Pop Lip Color + Primer: Cherry Pop & Plum Pop. Pop Lip Color + Primer has a luxurious, weightless formula that glides effortlessly onto your lips, providing you with saturated color that stays true and lips that stay moisturized for up to eight hours. These travel sized beauties glide on like butter and never accentuate line or creasing in the lips.

Extra Bonus: With a hanger on the top of the packaging, it makes an adorable Christmas Tree ornament


SCENT     ———————————————————————————————————————-

Commodity Style Guide/Gold Perfume


Commodity has long been one of my favorite fragrance brands. My #1 fragrance is the Gold perfume from them. It is pure heaven. With a lingering scent of caramel, its the perfect Christmas scent. The full size of any of gorgeous scents from Commodity would be an amazing gift for that special someone.


If you do not want to buy a full size of a single perfume, or are not exactly sure which scent to pick, I would recommend picking up the Commodity Style Guide. With 9 different 2ml samples, whoever you give this too will be able to test out all the different scents that they have to offer. The best part? All of Commodity’s scents are unisex, so the Style Guide will have something for just about anyone on your Christmas list.

Boy Smells Redwood Candle


A newer candle brand to me, Boy Smells has quickly become a brand I truly love. All of Boy Smells candles are made with Beeswax & Coconut Wax blend. In a gorgeous black glass tumbler, REDWOOD reminds me of going to my Grandmothers house for Christmas. With hints of cinnamon laced beneath a slightly powdery top note, I feel like I’m eight again, running around the Christmas tree with my cousins while my Grandma makes diner for us all. Although not a scent I would typically gravitate towards, there is something so comforting about this scent in particular for me.



I have an obsession with candles, specifically luxurious candles. I have a ridiculous collection, spanning from Bath & Body Works, to Diptyque (the ultimate for someone as candle obsessed as me). When Austin & I are home, there is at least one candle burning. So when Christmas rolls around, everyone knows that they are probably getting a fancy candle from me. One of my current favorites is JUL from SKANDINASVIK. This candle exudes Christmas cheer. It’s a richly spiced scent with bold notes of baked gingerbread, melted honey, cloves, and warm eggnog.


What makeup/scent gifts are you looking at picking up this holiday season?




** Some of these were sent to me, however, all opinions are my own.


What is a multifunctional palette?

If you’ve been on Instagram or Youtube for a while, then you’ve probably heard of Linda Hallberg, one of the most gorgeous human beings. This makeup artist got famous for her use of colors in new & exciting ways.

Images from

I loved watching her and it was no surprise when she came out with her own makeup line. What was surprising was what she came out with: Multifunctional Palettes.

Essentially used as a artists palette, the company refers to their shades as colors instead of specific products. These colors were designed to do it all. These use ingredients that are safe to be used for anything: eyes, face, brows, body. You name it, these shadows can be used for it. The colors can be mixed and matched to create the perfect shade for your needs. All of the palettes are also vegan & cruelty free.

Infinity Palette – $45.00


The first palette that was released was the Infinity Palette: the perfect base everyday palette. Containing shades that can be used for contouring, bronzing, highlighter, blush, brows & shadow, this is a great starter palette. This bad boy is a power house palette. With a beautiful silky formula, this is the perfect travel palette. The Infinity Palette comes in a combination of four warm and four cool shades, in both matte and shimmery finishes that can be used both wet & dry. I love that this palette contains three matte brows: a neutral, cool & warm. This allows a range of skin tones to mix & create their perfect contour & bronzing colors. It also contains a richly pigmented black, which I find many palettes seem to struggle with.

The best part about this? Because of the shade range & color payoff, I truly believe that almost any skin tone could use this. If you were to pick up one palette from the collection, I would recommend this one as it is so incredibly versatile.

Metallic Mysteries – $59.00


My personal favorite of the two newly released palettes, specifically because I’m likely to use it more in my everyday makeup routine, these four intense metallic shadows are not quite as soft as the Enchanted Secrets & Infinity Palettes, but give of the most beautiful reflective sheen to the eye. With 3 intense metallic shimmers & one metallic infused with sparkle (Collision), these shades are beautiful as a wash of color all over the eye or as a bright pop in the center of the lid.

Enchanted Secrets – $59.00


Enchanted Secrets Duochrome Palette is hands down one of the most unique palettes Linda Hallberg offers. These duochrome shadows are softer than silk & transform depending on which color you use underneath. They can be used dry for a light wash of reflective color, or over a dark base to really make the duochrome effect stand out.


Would you ever use a Multifunctional Palette? Which is your favorite?

Let’s talk nudes…

In case we haven’t notice, I live in a nude lipstick. I own lipsticks across the spectrum, and yet somehow I always end up wearing nudes. With that in mind, I think I have gotten to the point where I can recommend my absolute favorites.

My problem with most nudes is the undertone. My complexion cannot handle a nude that has too much warmth to it. All of these nudes that I am getting ready to talk about work perfect on my slightly cooler skin tone, but I also think could be fairly flattering on most skin tones. Keep in mind that I am incredibly pale (my foundation shade in almost any brand is porcelain), so these may not work on very deep complexions.


Tom Ford Lip Color Shine in Bare


I have been wanting this color for years when I first saw it on HeyClaire’s youtube channel a couple years ago. It was hard to justify the steep price tag when I knew it wasn’t even going to have full color payoff as it is a sheer formula, but I finally decided to bite to bullet and pick it up during the Sephora VIB sale.

It is the most sheer formula in this list (although it does have some color payoff), but it’s also the most comfortable. It also works with absolutely any look, making it the perfect lipstick to wear when you have no idea what to put on. Because it has a slight sheen to it, it makes the lips look plumper than they actually are. Bare is a cool-toned nude, which works perfect for my skin tone. Because of the sheer formula, I think this would look flattering on almost any skin tone. Keep in mind that it does have tiny flecks of glitter running through it. they are barely noticeable, and are supposed to give the illusion of fuller lips.

Opacity: Sheer

Finish: Shine

Longevity: 1-2 hours

Makeup Geek Do-Si-Do


If you like the ‘concealer lips’ trend, which it turns out I kinda do, then you may like this liquid lipstick. When I have a little bit of a tan, I find that this liquid lipstick is beautiful paired with a smokey eye. I love an intense nude with a dark statement eye. Now I hate liquid lipsticks with a burning passion. With that said, this formula is one I can actually stand to wear. It is still drying on the lips, but not so much that I feel like my lips are going to fall off.

Opacity: Full Coverage

Finish: Liquid Lipstick (Matte)

Longevity: 6+ Hours

Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim High Intensity Lipstick in I Wish


Yes, the fact that this lipstick is in the most gorgeous gold casing is what initially drew me to it. If you ever wanted to stab someone and look good while doing it, this is the lipstick for you. Then I tried the actual lipstick. It’s pure perfection. It’s creamy, reaches full opacity in one swipe, and feels incredibly comfortable on my lips all day. The fact that the lipstick tube is so thin means that it easily fits every nook and cranny of your lips, allowing for an incredibly precise application.

Opacity: Full

Finish: Cream

Longevity: 4+ hours

BareMinerals Gen Nude Matte Liquid Lipcolor in Hemp


I do NOT like most liquid lipsticks. I love matte lips, but if it’s drying, I can’t stand it. This is not a typical liquid lipstick, it is literally a liquified lipstick. With a satin finish, this lipstick is incredibly comfortable. My favorite part about this lipstick is that it doesn’t pull yellow on my skin tone, which many nudes tend to so.

Opacity: Full

Finish: Satin-Matte

Longevity: 4+ hours

Fresh Tinted Lip Treatment in Honey


I completely forgot that I even still had this. It’s one of my perfect products: essentially a lipstick and lip balm in one. For someone with very dry lips, this is a god send. It’s incredibly hydrating and actually provides fairly good color payoff. It does not last forever on the lips, which means you will need to bring it along with you and touch up throughout the day, but I find it absolutely worth it. Keeps my lips hydrated. I plan on picking up more shades of his soon!

Opacity: Medium

Finish: Cream

Longevity: 1-2 hours

Laura Mercier Stickgloss in Brown Sugar


Essentially a lipstick & gloss in one, this beauty gives a beautiful wash of color to the lips that is incredibly comfortable to wear. I don’t typically reach for this much anymore. I just think that there are other shades that I prefer to wear, but it is still beautiful.

Opacity: Sheer-Medium

Finish: Gloss

Longevity: 1-2 hours

Rimmel London Stay Matte Liquid Lip Color in Rossetto Liquido


This liquid lip gives a velvet finish, making it incredibly comfortable, but with that it is not incredibly long wearing. I find that it fades after only a few hours. The lighter shades, like this one look great, but the deeper shades do have some patchiness to them. I would keep that in mind if you’re looking at picking up a few of these shades.

Opacity: Full

Finish: Velvet

Longevity: 3-4 hours

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick Very Victoria


If you are lusting after a Tom Ford lipstick, you should look at Charlotte Tilbury. She worked for him, and their lipstick formulas are almost identical. The lipstick is said to feature 3D glow pigments that create the illusion of lit-from-within lips that appear wider and fuller. It is exclusively enriched with Lipstick Tree extract and orchid extract to protect and soothe for a cashmere finish.

Opacity: Medium-Full

Finish: Comfortable Matte

Longevity: 3-4 hours

Makeup Geek Quickstep


Even though this shade is a deeper liquid lipstick, I still find that it is opaque with a single layer. The shade is a beautiful cool-tone beige-nude. This is one of my favorite nudes to wear at night as I find on my very pale skin tone that it draws a little too much attention than I want during the day. The Makeup Geek formula on these I do find to be fairly drying, so when I take this off at night, I immediately apply quite a think layer of a lip mask.

Opacity: Full Coverage

Finish: Liquid Lipstick (Matte)

Longevity: 6+ Hours

Jouer Lip Creme in Terra


Almost a muted brick red color on my fair complexion, this is actually very flattering. It’s almost a mouse consistency and doesn’t feel drying on the lips. It also smells delicious. Out of the matte liquid lipsticks formulas that I own, this is probably the most comfortable to wear.

Opacity: Full Coverage

Finish: Liquid Lipstick (Cream)

Longevity: 4+ Hours

Let’s Talk: Highlighters

I love highlighters. But I’m also very specific about the type of highlighters that I use. With my pale and cool-toned skin, most highlighters just don’t work for me.

These are the highlighters that I find work best for me:


  • Chantecaille Liquid Lumiere in Sheen
    • This is the highlighter that made me fall in love with highlighters. It looks absolutely perfect on the tops of the cheekbones and the texture is just gorgeous.
  • Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter
    • I am no actually a huge fan of this on the face. I find it sits a little funny on top of my foundations. Somethings about it just doesn’t work for me. I do, however, really enjoy this as a body highlighter. It’s perfect on the shoulders or collar bone to give a beautiful dewy effect.
  • MAKE UP FOR EVER Star Lit Powder in 13 Ivory
    • Literally my perfect blinding inner corner highlight. If you want your eyes to really stand out, this will definitely give you that effect. I plan to pick up more colors since they have recently expanded the color range.
  • Dior Nude Air Luminizer in 002 Pink Glow
    • The best everyday powder highlighter. When I’m running out the door, this is always what I reach for. It has a pink base, which works amazingly for my cool toned skin. I find that this is my most versatile highlighter, as I can use is on my cheekbones, bridge of the nose, as an inner corner highlight, as well as on the body. Everywhere I have used it, it has looked beautiful. I’m definitely thinking of purchasing 001 Nude Glow as well for a more golden version.
  • BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector Liquid Highlighter in Opal
    • The pressed powder version of Opal is far too dark for my skin tone, but somehow the liquid version works perfectly. Tapped into the skin with your fingers, it gives the perfect subtle “is she actually wearing highlighter or is she just naturally that radiant” glow.


What are your favorite highlighters?

Let’s Talk: Luxury Foundations

Without fail, if I leave the house, I have foundation on. I may be in sweats and a baggy t-shirt, but my base will be flawless. That may be weird for some people, and I know that’s it’s something that I should get over, but I am very self-conscious of my skin. I have quite a bit of pigmentation left over from when I had severe acne and my skin is just not as clear as I would like it to be.

I like my bases to look completely undetectable on the skin, give an evening-out amount of coverage, have a high level of longevity and have a slightly dewy look without making me look like an oil-slick. The only thing with this is that long-lasting and dewy aren’t words you typically hear together.

Here are my top 5 current luxury foundations:

5 – Chanel Les Bieges in 12

There is something about Chanel. It just feels so luxurious to own. Growing up, I thought the epitome of “making it” was when I could afford something from Chanel. There is just something about Les Beiges that drew my eye. It’s not thick, but it’s also not a tinted moisturizer. It gives a light to medium coverage that is somewhat buildable. It evens out my skin tone while still letting my actual skin show through. I can build it up in places where my pigmentation shows more and let my freckles show through the rest. Overall, I love this foundation, but there is just something about the other foundations on this list that makes me reach for them more.

4 – Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in 12

This is the sheerest foundation that is in my top 5. It gives a light coverage that evens out my skin tone without making it feel or look like I’m wearing any foundation. The texture is almost skin-like, making the foundation imperceivable. It just seems like I have perfect skin without having to do anything. The downside to this foundation is that it does wear off with time. I never seem able to get a full days wear out of it. It’s perfect if you eat to slap something on before running errands, but after a full days work, I find its almost entirely disappeared off my face.

3 – Lancome Tiente Idole Ultra Wear in 110 Ivoire C

I have loved this foundation from the first time I slapped it on my face. It gives a medium coverage, easily evening out my complexion. It looks like nothing is there, like I have perfect, velvety skin. It also comes in 40 shades, which means more than likely, they have a shade that will perfectly suit your skin tone. The one drawback is that because it is such a matte texture as opposed to moisturizing, I find that it can cling to very dry patches. This is one of my favorites for my oilier days, but doesn’t work a great when my skin is feeling parched.

2 –  By Terry Sheer Expert in 1 Fair Beige

The By Terry Sheer Expert I find to be almost the exact opposite to the Lancome foundation. This packs in the coverage in an extremely natural way and gives some serious glow. The only thing it lacks in is longevity. Sure, it hangs around for a decent amount of time, but on hot summer Houston days by the time I finally look in a mirror in the afternoon, I feel like it’s barely there (side note: I know that powder would help here slightly, but I really am not the biggest fan of powdering down dewy foundations, it feels very counter productive).

1 – Giorgio Armani Power Fabric in 3.5

I needed something that would last, and I was willing to give up a bit of glow to maintain a full face of foundation all day. The Giorgio Armani Power Fabric is my newest foundation. It is also my favorite one.

I had initially ignored the hype on this because there was something about it that just screamed ‘CAKE FACE’ to me. But I was going on vacation and needed something that would last through a full day of walking. I went to my local Cos Bar and this is what they recommended. I must say, it’s freaking amazing. It’s nowhere near as dewy as I would normally reach for, but it blends perfect into my skin so it’s completely undetectable, the coverage is insane, yet natural-looking and it lasts beautifully throughout the day. The finish isn’t completely matte, more of a satin texture. My favorite was to wear it is to mix it with a bit of the Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer in 07 to add a big of glow back into the foundation while maintaining the staying power of the Power Fabric. My perfect combo.


What are your favorite foundations?

Go-To Skincare Routine

In order to sleep as much as possible, I create the shortest routine possible. Wake up. Brush my teeth. Wash my face. Scramble to find anything to wear. Shove on some makeup and out the door I go. The nice thing is I’ve gotten my routine down to probably under 15 minutes.

When it comes to my makeup, my real focus is my base. If that is good, then I feel everything else can be really minimal and I still look put together enough to get by at work.

Here is my current go-to makeup routine:

  • Primer: Dr. Jart+ Pore Medic Pore Minish Primer
  • Foundation: I like to mix the Giorgio Armani Power Fabric in 3.5 and the Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer in 07
  • Concealer: NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer in Vanilla
  • Brows: Dior Ultra-Fine Precision Brow Pencil in Light-Brown
  • Eyeshadow: By Terry Ombre Blackstar in 05 Misty Rock topped with NARS Eyeshadow in Nepal
  • Mascara: Loreal Lash Paradise
  • Lips: Hourglass GIRL Lip Stylo in Creator

July Edit

July has been a very packed month. I feel like I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off! We just finalized the design and colors for Wild Yogawear and it  should be launched on Kickstarter by the time this goes live! I also decided to get more focused on my blog. For the last year, this has just been something that I did when I felt like it. I never thought much into it and I never really thought I was a very good writer or that anyone would be interested in what I had to say. But in June I saw my Instagram numbers double and it gave me the confidence to put myself out there a little more. Maybe people were actually enjoying my opinions on things?! So I’ve set myself a goal. I will post every Wednesday at a minimum (sometime I’ll pepper in other stuff if I feel like I’m on a role).

Tatcha Cleansing Oil

With such a busy July, I spent most of my time reverting back to old favorites that I know work well for me. Towards the beginning of the month I ran out of my all-time favorite second cleanse: Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel. I still haven’t purchased a new one, although I definitely will. I’ve been trying to use up my other cleansers first. But I did re-purchase the Tatcha Pure Cleansing Oil. I got a sample from somewhere and immediately I was hooked. Literally nothing has ever gotten all of my makeup off better. Smudge-proof, water-proof makeup does not stand a chance against this stuff. And it’s so incredibly gentle that I can use it on my eyes without fear of it stinging or irritating such a sensitive area. It is by-far my favorite first cleanse. I don’t know that anything will ever beat it in my books.

Elizabeth & James Nirvana Black Perfume

Growing up, I looked identical to the Olsen twins. To the point where my mom thought it was funny to photoshop me into pictures with them. I grew up watching them in everything. If they made it, I bought it. So when the Elizabeth & James Perfumes first launched, it felt nostalgic for me. I went to the store and quickly realized that I actually loved the smell of the Nirvana Black scent. I purchased it and used it so much I quickly ran through the entire bottle. It’s probably been a year since I last had a bottle of it, but this month, Macy’s had a massive sale of the Elizabeth & James perfumes and I picked up a set that included the full-size bottle, a travel roller-ball & the scented body oil. I haven’t tried the body oil yet, but I have used the perfume everyday since it came in the mail. The roller-ball now lives in my purse and I reapply it throughout the day because I just can’t get enough of the scent. Its one of those scents that just exudes sexy. It’s musky and manly, but also has a distinctive sweetness to it.

Violet, Sandalwood, Vanilla.
Sensual. Mysterious. Warm.

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation

I don’t think I’ve owned the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15 since I was in high school. Back then, I barely wore makeup. I was a tomboy who hid behind giant baggy sweatshirts. Since really finding makeup, I’ve come into my own a lot more. I didn’t really know if this was going to work for me since my skin has changed so much since high school, but I decided to pick it up on a whim. For days when I don’t want a ton of coverage, this is my go-to. Since my t-zone can get very oily throughout the hot summer days, I do find that I have to set it with a translucent powder or else it will slide off throughout the day. But the finish it gives makes me so happy. It’s very natural and doesn’t make me feel overdone, but I do get the coverage I need and it really helps to even out my skin tone.

Tom Ford Bronzing Powder in Terra

I am a sucker for anything Tom Ford. I have never had the luxury of owning anything from his clothing line, but I have had the chance to try out my fair share of his makeup. I have fallen in love with almost everything of his that I’ve used. This, however, may be my favorite so far. Terra is the perfect shade for my incredibly pale skin tone. It’s not too warm, so I never look orange. I am able to use it as almost a bronzer/contour mix and I find it looks flawless on the skin. It has been my go-to for the last few months. A slightly cheaper alternative is the Marc Jacobs Tan-tastic Bronzer, although I’m not sure if that was just a limited release.

NARS Soft Matte Cream Concealer in Vanilla

I think NARS has been my go-to for concealer for the last few years. I have tried others, but every time I stray, I find I’m just not as happy. The Radiant Creamy Concealer was my all-time favorite; until they came out with this guy. It never slips or slides and is not too drying so I can use it under my eyes as well as on blemishes. I just find that my makeup always looks better when using the Soft matte Cream Concealer.

Davines OI Oil

There is no doubt in my mind that this is my favorite after-shower hair oil. Nothing else makes my hair feel better without weighing it down. My hair is really long & thin, which means it tangles like crazy. I can’t brush through it when it’s wet or I will just end up ripping it right out of my head. Since finding the Davines OI Oil, my hair has never felt softer, or stronger. I still enjoy using the UMA Intensely Nourishing Hair Oil as a pre-wash treatment, but I always follow up my shower by running the OI Oil throughout the mid-length & ends of my hair. I will for sure buy a full size when this runs out.

Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Skin Energy Hydration Delivery System

Now, when I first bought this, I wasn’t paying enough attention because I was trying to purchase an Essence. Dumbo me thought that’s what this was. Come to find out, it’s more like the Tatcha Dewy Skin Mist in that it is a mist that provides a shot of hydration. I use the Amore Pacific Moisture Bound after I have finished my entire skincare routine before I go to bed to really seal in all of the moisture. I also like to use it with drying face masks like the May Lindstrom Problem Solver to help reactivate the ingredients and may it stay moist longer. While this is definitely not a required step in my skincare routine, I do find that I really enjoy it as a last step. There is just something about a great mist that makes my heart happy.



What were some of your favorite things in July?


Disappointing Products

For the most part, when I purchase a product, I typically enjoy it. But there are always some products that just don’t work for me for one reason or another. Here are the products that disappointed me in some way.

Tom Ford Shade & Illuminate in SS16

My problem with this is the lack of pigmentation. I have other cream products from Tom Ford that I love, but for some reason this just has no pigmentation to it. The highlighter side I can get behind. It gives an almost wet look to the face which I think can sometimes look nice. Again, there is basically no color to the highlighter portion. But my main problem is the pigmentation of the blush color. It really sucks, because I wanted to love this so much.

Omorovizca Hydra Melting Cleanser

Now I love a good balm to oil cleanser. They remove my makeup with ease without stripping my skin and leaving it feeling tight. But the Hydra Melting Cleanser is far too thick for my acne prone skin. I don’t find that it melds with the skin to become an oil. Instead it feels like I’m rubbing Elmers glue all over my face. I also don’t find that it emulsifies well for me.

Side Note: While I didn’t like this, I gave it to my mom who has dry, dehydrated skin and she really enjoys how thick it is because it imparts a lot of moisture into her skin.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Whiz

I absolutely love the Brow Whiz. It has been my go-to brow pencil since it came out. The actual product is not where I have problems. The packaging is. Ive had at least 3 of these pencils and every single one of them has had the spoolie break off. I don’t understand why it continues to break, but the plastic that hold the spoolie in place seems to be flimsy. I will still continue to use and love the Brow Whiz, but I wish that the packaging was better.

Aussie Total Miracle Dry Shampoo

Again, my problem is not with how well the product actually works. My problem with the Aussie Dry Shampoo is the smell. It’s almost smells like rotten grape juice to me. I don’t know. It’s just something that I can’t get over.

Honua Hawaiian Skincare ‘Olena Beauty Oil

Speaking of smells I just can’t get past. This has a very natural smell. Normally, I’m okay if something smells slightly of grass or whatever, but this stuff is potent. The product itself is nice, and the smell does dissipate after a few minutes, but I can’t put it on my face. A lot of what I love about skincare is the way it makes me feel when I sue it and the enjoyment I get from the product. This product not only lacks that feeling, it actually makes me unhappy to use. I tried giving it to my mom and she immediately gave it back because she couldn’t get over the smell either.

Burberry Face Contour Pen

I wanted to love this. The idea if having a contour stick thats this slim sounds great. I could easily contour m cheeks as well as my nose with one product. But this product blends out into literally nothing. It’s so creamy that it just blends away. The idea is great, but this just does nothing.

Skin Owl Body +

I love a good body oil, and this is a good body oil. But it’s supposed to be a rose gold illuminating body oil, and on that point it falls short. The problem is that the rose gold particles settle to the bottom of the oil and they get stuck down there. Even when I try to shake the bottle (which results in oil coming out of the top pump) the particles stay on the bottom. I really wish that the rose gold sheen was able to come through, because that sounds beautiful. It is still a nice, clear, body oil.

Becca Mineral Blush in Wild Honey

Now this one is on me. The blush is a beautiful texture. The color is the issue. My skin does not do well with orange or yellow based products. I ordered this online without seeing it in person first and thought that it would be a little more bronze than peach. On my cool-toned skin, Wild Honey comes off orange. On a warm skin tone, I think that this would look beautiful. I’m more disappointed in myself than Becca on this one. I just should have picked a different color. But the product itself is wonderful. My skin tone just would have done better in Flowerchild over Wild Honey.

Pyunkang Yul Cleansing Foam

Again, this is my fault. I don’t like cleansing foams. I find they strip my skin and leave me feeling dry and tight. I love rich cleansers and cleansing oil instead. And yet, I still bought something that was called a cleansing foam. It did say that it was non-stripping, however, I still find it feels drying on my skin. The description of this says “The stretchy consistency of Pyunkang Cleansing Foam adheres to dirt and oil trapped in pores, and removes them leaving skin feeling clean and fresh without drying.” And it does have a very odd yet interesting stretchy consistency. But I just don’t like cleansing foams and the way they make my skin feel. I don’t like feeling like I immediately need to run and use my toner and oils to add moisture back into my skin.

The Browgal Eyebrow Gel

This has a huge mascara wand. That isn’t my favorite, but I can live with it. The real issue is the eyebrow gel itself. I always end up with crispy brows and even though the gel is clear, it shows up in my brows in places almost white.


Which products have you tried that just didn’t make the cut?

The Ordinary Coverage Foundation

When I first got the Coverage Foundation from The Ordinary, I have to admit, I didn’t like it. I tried using it with a brush, beauty blender, and with my fingers. Nothing seemed to make it apply smoothly to my skin. It would cling to my dry patches and just looked streaky. Now I do have oily skin, but I also have dry patches from where I have acne. I really thought that that would be the end of it for me. Then I decided to give it one last try with the Real Techniques beauty sponge, and I must say, it completely changed the way that I saw the foundation. All of the sudden, it felt like this foundation was working great for me. My skin seemed smoother, nothing was clinging when I applied it, and my acne was covered. In conjunction with the Real Techniques sponge, the Coverage Foundation gives the most radiant glow to the skin.

I love the fact that they have so many shades to choose from with different undertones. It is very difficult to find a shade light enough for me that contains a cool undertone. It seems like most everybody will be able to find a shade that works for them.

Now I purchased 3 shades: 1.0P, 1.1P, & 2.1P

I had the intention of using the darkest shade to bronze/contour, but every time I have tried to do that, the color just seem to meld together, so I’m not sure how well that will work.

  • It’s dirt cheap!
  • Medium-Full coverage
  • Shade selection is amazing
  • Radiant finish
  • By the end of the day, it will break apart and cling to dry patches on my chin (most foundations tend to do that on me)
  • If it is not set with powder, it will wear off by the end of the day (however, I don’t want to set it with powder since I like the dewy effect)
  • Took over a month to get to me once I ordered it.

Overall, I would recommend this foundation, but I do think that it is not the longest wearing foundation on the market. But you just can’t beat the price! If you’ve been looking at picking this up, I’d give it a go!

Have any of you tried The Ordinary Coverage Foundation? How did it work for you?