TRASH TALK: 3 Months of Empties

I have been hoarding my empties for probably three months. Since I have a ton of stuff, I have been working on going through my current stash before purchasing anything new.

Sol De Janiero Bum Bum Cream

The is the body cream that our whole house uses. Austin loves it as much as I do. It hydrating, creamy and smells delicious. We already have made our way through half of a new tub. Once this one is done, I think we may try out the newest body cream from Sol De Janiero. I can’t see us ever not using a Sole De Janiero body cream. They’re truly perfect.

Erborian Yuza Sorbet Night Cream

This is my perfect moisturizer. I used it both day and night and it helped quench my crazy dry skin. I haven’t had it for a little over a month and I can safely say I miss it dearly. I’m trying to work my way through my moisturizer collection, but you can bet I will be picking this beauty up again!

HUM Gut Instinct

HUM has my favorite supplements. I got bad about taking them towards the end of the year, but I am back on taking them everyday. Gut Instinct is one of my personal favorites. It works on your gut health, which helps with basically everything. I have better skin and overall just feel better when I take this regularly. I already am on my backup and will definitely continue to use them.

Derma-E Nourishing Rose Cleansing Oil

This is an absolutely beautiful cleansing oil. It emulsifies, which is a requirement for me. It feels beautiful, breaks down even hard to remove makeup and leave my skin silky smooth. Would definitely repurchase.

Oribe The Cleanse

I only used this when I needed to REALLY deep clean my hair. It breaks down all the hair spray and dry shampoo and leaves me ready to pile all of it back on. I would probably repurchase this, but it’s not something I feel like I NEED.

Colourpop Eyebrow Pencil

I really enjoyed this eyebrow pencil. It’s very similar to the ABH Brow Wiz except the spool doesn’t break off! I also find that the Colourpop is a harder formula than ABH. I would definitely repurchase. It’s dirt cheap and a great dupe.

Loreal Elvive Total Repair Shampoo

This was fine. It’s nothing special, but it definitely does the job and leaves my hair clean. I would probably try something new instead of repurchasing again.

Girl Undiscovered Under The Water Micellar Water

I LOVE this micellar water. It get’s rid of all of my makeup without stinging my eyes. I’m currently using the Koh Gen Do Micellar Water and much prefer the one from Girl Undiscovered. I would definitely pick this up again.

One Love Organics Botanical E Youth Preservation Serum

This serum is pure perfection for me. I cannot speak highly enough about’s hydrating, clarifying and brightening. Basically, it does everything. I will definitely buy a full size once I am able to make my way through a few of my other serums. Definitely one of my favorite discoveries of 2018.

TruFora Triple Action Exfoliator

I have gotten more into the habit of using chemical exfoliators in leu of physical exfoliators recently. If I were to pick up another physical exfoliator, this one would be towards the top of my list. It deeply exfoliates without feeling overly abrasive.

Drunk Elephant Marula Oil

I LOVED this oil. It’s so soothing and hydrating and my skin just drinks it up. I like to drown my skin in it. I will definitely be purchasing a full size in the future.

YSL Lip Tint In Oil

I used to love this oil, but stopped using it because of how messy the packaging gets. I can’t lay it down with the lid as tight as possible and the oil will still come out. I don’t think I would repurchase it just for the packaging alone.

What’s your favorite thing that you used up recently?

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