Is this even a bronzer?

Chanel recently launched their Cruise 2019 makeup collection and since I’m living paycheck to paycheck, I decided to spend my life savings on a bronzer & highlighter duo. Because that’s a great idea. But since I did it, I might as well review it!

They came out with two shades: Claire & Medium. I ordered this online without having seen it in person. Had I seen it before hand, I would likely have picked up Medium instead.

Claire has a light peachy highlight that reflects light beautifully without looking my a stripe of glitter sitting on the skin. That part of the duo is definitely worth it in my opinion. The bronzer portion is where we start having issues.

Is it a bronzer? On the most porcelain of skins, MAYBE you would be able to see something. In reality, I have to build this up to get even close to any discernible ounce of color on my cheeks. As a face powder, I think this is lovely. But as a bronzer, I think Chanel may have dropped the ball. I love Chanel and everything they do, but there is just no way that this is even remotely close to dark enough to be a bronzer for anyone darker than a sheet of paper.

Luckily, I come strikingly close to a sheet of paper. You can see a very slight difference and bronzing on my cheeks. I did have to apply probably 4 or 5 layers in order to get this much color payoff. If you’re incredibly fair like me and want the most natural bronzer imaginable, it is nice. Anyone with any real color to your skin, I would pass.

What do you think? Would you still purchase this bronzer duo from Chanel?

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