SUCKED IN: NARS High Voltage Highlighting Palette

NARS-1I have been following @theannaedit for years at this point and at this point, if she says something is good, I trust her. I’ve been hearing her talk about the NARS highlighter in Fort De France for a few months now, so when I saw that it was included in this years holiday highlighter trio, I knew that I wanted to give it a shot.

Everything about this palette feels special. From the packaging to the product itself, everything feels luxurious. Now I’m a sucker for good packaging, but realistically it’s the product that really needs to stand out from the crowd. So, with so many highlighters on the market these days, are these actually different enough to spend your money on?

The answer depends on what you’re looking for in a highlight. While the shades of the three highlighters in this palette are beautiful, they are nothing groundbreaking. I mean really, how many times can you reinvent a champagne highlight?

What does stand out about these highlights is the formula. The is no chunkiness. No glitter. Somehow, these highlights melt into the skin and provide the most beautiful glow. It truly doesn’t even look like you’re wearing highlighter, your skin just looks radiant. These powders use what NARS calls its “Seamless Glow Technology”. Essentially, these powders have no base pigment, so you never get a streak of color across your cheekbone. Instead, they use a sheer powder and pearls, meaning that all skin tones should be able to use them. Realistically, if you have a deep complexion, I would still steer towards the darker tones because the pearls themselves have pigment and applying a shade such as Albatross (a white/gold) could still go slightly ashy. The same idea applies to fair complexions; darker shades could possibly be used as a bronze topper, but using them on the high points of the face could end up looking a little muddy. But if you use the right shade, magic happens. Now I should point out that I have seen videos of the lightest and darkest skin tones all using the same highlight (they all used Fort De France) and it looked absolutely gorgeous on all of them, but the pearl color is still something to keep in mind.


What you end up with is the most naturally blinding highlight; intense glow that still somehow looks like skin.

While this palette does look incredibly light when considering that they only came out with one highlighting palette, this actually doesn’t bother me too much. Heres why: because there is not real base pigment, the real thing that you need to look out for is the shade and tone of the pearls themselves. This palette includes an opalescent pink, pink champagne and rose copper. All three of these tones I believe are fairly universal. Nothing is too bronzy to the point where a very fair person would not be able to use it and nothing is too ivory where a deep skin tone wouldn’t want to apply it. All of the shades look like natural lit from within glow.


There are very few products nowadays that are age changers. The Amarezy highlight with Anastasia Beverly Hills was one. It was essentially the “Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants” of highlights; everyone looked amazing wearing it. This is the slightly more natural sister to that highlight.

Do you absolutely need this highlighting palette in your life? Of course not. But if you have been eyeing the new NARS highlighters, I would say that this is a beautiful way to try out three for essentially the price of one (the individual highlighters retail for $38 while the trio palette retails for $42). 



Have you tried any of the NARS highlights?

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