The Modern Makeup Remover


FaceHalo-4As someone who has lived with acne for quite some time, cleansing has become almost a ritual for me. I double cleanse every night, without fail.

I use an oil cleanser to remove my makeup and then go in with a second cleanser to actually clean my skin. So when I was sent these I was thrown a little bit. Could what is essentially a round face cloth really remove my makeup as well as my cleansing oils?

Face Halo claims that all you need in water and a halo to remove your makeup.

Upon first glance, these babies are soft, like incredibly soft. They feel like those luxury towels that are in all the fancy hotels. But I still wasn’t convinced.



Essentially a ShamWow for your face, the Face Halo removes every speck of makeup with only warm water.  didn’t have to aggressively tug at my skin to get remnants, it just came off. Even my waterproof mascara came off easily.

I must say, when these arrived in the mail, I thought they were a gimmick. But no, these are the real deal.

One pack of Face Halos (3 Halos per pack) will set you back a cool $22, but with the amount of money you’ll be saving on micellar water, cleansing oils, and face wipes, I think it actually saves you money in the end.


What do you think? Would you try a Face Halo?

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