NAILED IT: J Hannah Nail Polish

If there ever was an #InstagramMadeMeDoIt post, this would have to be it. I love nail polish, but for most of the year, I find myself far too lazy to paint them myself.

Somehow when fall rolls around, I get up the energy and start painting my nails religiously every week. There is just something about fall and winter nail colors that I absolutely adore.

When J. Hannah launched their nail polish collection a few months ago, I was intrigued. But when GelCream showed them on her ridiculously gorgeous nails, I was hooked. I picked up four shades: Relic, Eames, Miso, and Chanterelle. 

Lets talk shades:


What really makes J. Hannah nail polishes stand out is the shade selection. This truly is a line for a sophisticated “cool girl”. They’re slightly edgy and have hints of feel kind of rock n roll, and yet all of the shades have been muted down in order to make them entirely wearable. There is not one shade that I wouldn’t want to own. This is what J. Hannah says of their color selection:

A line of carefully-edited, high quality polishes for the color-resistant.

Especially in the winter, I like for my nails to be muted. I’m not typically one for a neon orange polish, but a muted mustard is right up my alley.

Chanterelle is probably the most “neutral” of all the shades I picked up. It’s a mid-toned greige. Definitely the most everyday shade for me.


Miso is a light warm camel shade with a hint of green. Out of all of the shades, this is the one that I think may look the worst on my skin tone. I’m still going to happily wear it, but if you have a cooler skin tone like mine, you may want to look at one of the other shades that has a little more pink in it (Himalayan Salt would be my choice).

Relic is a muted mustard that is slightly more yellow than orange. This shade in particular would look amazing on a slightly darker skin tone.

Eames what the shade that made me want to try out J. Hannah. It’s an earthy muted green that is loud and yet still entirely neutral somehow. 


All of the polishes in the line up are 7 free, meaning they don’t contain a lot of the nasty chemicals that traditional nail polishes have. Recently, I have seen a lot of nail polish companies moving in this direction, so it’s not really a huge wow factor for me anymore. 

So far I haven’t found that this cleaner formula has resulted in any problems with the nail polish. Application is seamless. All of the polishes that I picked up are opaque in 2 coats. The polishes dry down much quicker than some of my stupidly expensive polishes, and I haven’t had a problem with chipping. Although I must say that I’ve only worn each shade for a few days each. I would have to try to go a full week with one polish to know for sure how it holds up, but so far so good.



Overall, I am more than pleased with these polishes. I think they were hyped for a reason. 

Really, the reason to pick these up is the shade selection. If you’re looking for a 7-free nail polish, there are a ton out there, and many that are quite a bit less money. But if you’re looking for stand out shades, this is definitely where I would look. I don’t think I’ve ever been more drawn to a shade selection. Bold colors turned neutral is definitely my new obsession.


Would I pick up more shades? For sure! These will definitely be on my Christmas list this year!

RATING: 4.5/5

Knocking off half a point purely because of the price. At $19.00 a piece, I find them to be slightly too expensive for what they are even thought I’m willing to spend that on shades that I know I will get a ton of wear out of this fall and winter.

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