Can you breath in your vitamins?

Can you really breath in your vitamins? SPARQ said yes! They recently developed their Vitamin Air; the worlds first eco-friendly breathable vitamin device.

Essentially, it’s an e-cigarette that replaces all of the harmful chemicals with healthy vitamins.

This truly is one of the most innovative things that I have come across in a long time. They took something that is so incredibly harmful to people and turned it into something healing. That is EXACTLY the kind of ingenuity that we should be applauding.

I know many people who quit smoking, but the act of actually holding a cigarette is somehow soothing for them. Now, they actually have the ability to use SPARQ and do good to their bodies while helping them not reach for an actual cigarette.


These are some of the most beautiful looking inhalation devices on the market. With a wooden base and stainless steel mouth piece, there is just something so minimal and elegant about the design. This isn’t one of those cheep plastic e-cigs you buy over the counter at a dingy gas station. It feels heavy. Like a tiny luxe work of art.


Each of the three Vitamin Air types are currently being produced in two flavors: Strawberry and Vanilla. I LOVE the vanilla flavor and Austin is a big fan of the strawberry. Neither flavor is too overpowering and nothing tastes artificial in any way. 


I got the chance to try out two of the different version that they offer: Pure & Melt. Pure is designed to help with anti-aging. It includes Blueberry extract as well as Grapeseed which helps your body retain water and give you a more youthful appliance. Melt contains Green Tea and Acai Berry in order to boost metabolism.

Overall, I am so impressed with SPARQ. I love the idea of taking something so bad for us and turning it into something that health focused. WAY TO TURN AN INDUSTRY ON ITS HEAD!

If you want to check out SPARQ, they are currently being funded on IndieGoGo.

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  1. I’ve never heard of breathing in vitamins before 😯 if it really works then of course it’s a fantastic idea, I’ll need to do some research lol. Those sparq products look amazing xx


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