My Supplement Routine

First off, let’s start with the fact that this is not sponsored (But hit me up! I would love to be sponsored by HUM). I just genuinely love HUM Nutrition. Now I am not someone who would ever take my vitamins when I was younger. You could not pay me enough or bribe me with enough candy to swallow a multi-vitamin. It just wasn’t;t going to happen. Bless my mom, she tried her best.

It wasn’t until I got out of college that I even started looking into vitamins. Like my interest in skincare, my interest in supplements started when I was looking for solutions for my acne. That’s when I found the Daily Cleanse supplements.


These little green capsules detox your entire system, including your skin. This herb-nutrient blend includes organic chlorella algae, bladderwrack, red clover extract, alpha lipoid acid, and milk thistle that helps boost the immune system and purify the body. This blend of ingredients also works as an anti-inflammatory & antioxidant.

I will note that when I first start taking these, my face will break out. I think that is from it pulling out all of the toxins because after probably 2 weeks, my face is incredibly clear. If I run out of these and don’t repurchase for a couple months, I will have to go through that process all over again. Just something to keep in mind.


When my boyfriend started having severe stomach issues last year, we didn’t know what was going on. Luckily, after getting diagnosed with a stomach problem, he has been able to work with his doctor to manage his symptoms fairly well. Going through all of this for months on end though, made us realize how important gut health really was. I already knew I trusted HUM Nutrition, so I decided to try their Gut Instinct supplements.

Essentially, this probiotic helps support the immune system. A blend of 10 strains of probiotics, helps regulate your system and makes sure your gut is functioning the way it should. BONUS: it also helps alleviate bloating.


The most recent addition to my regimen is the Ripped Booster. Not something I take everyday, I like to use these in conjunction with my workouts to help keep my energy up as well as burn some additional calories. This natural fat-burner includes 7-Keto, an ingredient that has been known to enable three times the weight reduction than diet and exercise alone. Now I have not seen that, but I have also not been taking it everyday. I have, however, noticed a decrease in my food cravings on the days when I take these.



What supplements do you take?


The healthy alternatives I grab for when all I want is candy

I am a candy addict. I love chocolate. Give me a Reeses’ and I’ll love you forever. And with Halloween barely in our rearview mirror, my sweet-tooth is craving candy. So while it may be hard, I am trying my best to be good. Here’e what I’m reaching for instead.

Atkins Peanut Butter Cups

If you love Reeses as much as I do, then you probably miss them as much as I do. I recently found these at our local grocery store and I’m in love. Even Austin eats them. The best part is they are only 2 net carbs! My least favorite part about low carb treats is it always tastes like something is missing. They’re always so close, but it’s just off somehow. These are not that way at all. I love them almost as much as I love an actual Reeses. I thin if you blind taste tested them against an actual Reeses, you wouldn’t be able to tell which was which.

Breyers Low Carb Smart Vanilla Ice Cream

This stuff is a thing of the Gods. This has been just about the only ice cream I have eaten for well over a year. It tastes exactly like regular vanilla bean ice cream; the only difference is that it is almost the consistency of a soft serve, which means it melts quicker than a typical harder ice cream. Not an issue considering I down the whole bowl in a matter of seconds.

Atkins Chocolate Covered Peanuts

If you like Peanut M&Ms, these are a pretty great alternative. While not 100% the same, I can barely notice a difference and on days when I’m craving candy, the 1 net carb snack pack are incredibly handy, as long as I can keep them out of Austin’s grubby hands!

Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds with Sea Salt

This is something that I like to make. I recently purchased low carb dark chocolate chips and they work perfectly when I want to make chocolate covered almonds. I like to sprinkle a little bit of sea salt on top before it dries. I find the sea salt really helps to bring out the taste in the chocolate. Since Austin doesn’t like dark chocolate, it means I actually get to enjoy these all to myself, just the way I like it.


What healthy alternative do you reach for to satisfy your sweet tooth?

My Low Carb Staples

I have been eating low carb on & off (mostly on) for almost 2 years now. In the beginning, it felt like the hardest thing to do. Did you know freakin everything has carbs?!?!

After a few months, I figured out alternative for the things I was really missing. These are the things that I keep i my house at all times so that I can keep myself on a low carb diet without depriving myself of the things I really love.

Disclaimer: I work on a net carb system. This means that I take my total carbs for the day and subtract dietary fiber & sugar alcohols to give me my final carb count.

Great Low Carb Cinnamon Bagels 

The day I found these, was the day that I stopped hating low carb. Each bagel is only 2 net carbs. Yes, you saw that right. Considering a typical bagel can easily be 60+ carbs, a 2 net carb bagel is beyond amazing. And since cream cheese is incredibly low in carbs (typically around 1-2 carbs per 2 tablespoons) I can get through an entire breakfast for under 5 net carbs.

If anyone is looking at getting into low carb, I would highly suggest checking out Great Low Carb Co. online. They make amazing bagels, loafs of bread, & rolls so you never feel like you’re sacrificing in order to eat low carb. They are more expensive and shipping is pricy, but I like to buy in bulk and shove the extras in the freezer for later.

Great Low Carb Plain Sliced Bread

This is less of a requirement for me as it is for my boyfriend. He has recently decided that he was going to do this whole low carb thing with me, but the second I told him he would have to cut out his regular sandwich bread he almost quit before he’d even started. Since getting the low carb sliced bread alternative, he hasn’t even been able to notice a difference. We also picked up low carb corn chips so that he could happily eat his chips and salsa.

Almond Flour

When I first started looking for ways to make things that were low carb, everything seemed to require coconut. Coconut oil, coconut flour, coconut milk. I don’t like coconut. This was gonna be a problem. But then I realized that I could use almond flour and a whole new world of options opened up.

I use almond flour for almost everything. If I make fried chicken, it’s my breading. If I want pizza, I make the fat head pizza crust which requires almond flour. If I want chick parmesan, I mix almond flour with parmesan as the coating. We even like to make almond flour chocolate chip cookies. If it’s always in the house, we have a ton of options. If it’s not, I feel like we’re always at a loss for what we can actually make.

Bryers Carb Smart Ice Cream

I don’t even remember eating a ton of sweets before going low carb, but once my options for sweets became limited, I began to crave them like crazy. I would literally get mad at people if they brought candy around. I had seen recipes for low carb ice cream online, but to be completely honest, I just didn’t want eating low carb to mean that I had to slave away in the kitchen for hours everyday to make sure we had things to eat. Bryers Carb Smart Vanilla Bean Ice Cream tastes exactly like regular vanilla ice cream, albeit melts quite a bit faster, and is only 4 carbs per 1/2 cup. It’s just such a nice thing to have in the house for when you just NEED to have something sweet. I like to top it with chopped pecans. SO GOOD!


Literally all of the cheese. Sliced cheese, string cheese, HUGE bags of shredded mozzarella, shredded parmesan, those little Babybell mini cheese wheel things. Since cheese is typically minimal carbs (a lot of the time it’s even zero) we basically live off it. String cheese I find to be the most important since its so convenient. It has nothing to do with cooking, which saves me all kinds of time. When Austin is complaining that theres nothing quick to eat in the house, I’ll literally chuck string cheese at his face. It just makes things easier.

We also started buying the 32oz. bags of shredded mozzarella now. When we make meatballs, we top it with mozzarella. When we make pizza, the pizza crust is basically made out of mozzarella and almond flour. THEN we top the pizza in more mozzarella.

I feel like I’m going on and on about my love affair with cheese. Let’s move on.


Same premise to the cheese. It’s typically zero or almost zero carbs for basically any type of meat out there, so our fridge and freezer it packed to the brim with different types.

We typically pick up short ribs (that we cook in a low carb BBQ sauce we found here), chicken thighs, sweet italian turkey sausage, meatballs, tilapia, crab, burgers, sandwich meats, and steak if we’re feeling fancy. Most rubs and spices we have found to be low carb, so we have a variety depending on what kind of mood we are in.


We love Italian food, but pasta is just a straight no go for a low carb diet. Shirataki noodles saved me and my love for pasta. We use the ones from Miracle Noodle. They have so many options and they’re all zero carbs! We are able to make fried rice, spaghetti & meatballs, and fettuccini alfredo (my personal favorite) without ruining our carb count. I first found them through Amazon, but now they are at my local HEB.


Yes I know soda is bad for you and maybe I shouldn’t put this on my staples list but it is. For me, it is a staple. I don’t drink coffee. If you do, black coffee is zero carbs. But for me, soda was always how I was able to make it through the day. Most diet sodas will be zero carbs. Now not all of them taste amazing, so that part is entirely preference, but Austin and I like to keep Coke Zero (for me) & Sprite Zero (for him) in the house at all times.


Those are basically the foods that I like to stay stocked up on so that I don’t go crazy while trying to eat low carb.

Side Note: This is not all that we eat. These are just the things I try to make sure we have all the time.



I know this was kind of a left-field thing for me to talk about, but I love our low carb life right now. I’ve been thinking about throwing in a few of our favorite low carb recipes in every now and then as well. Let me know if ya’ll would be interested in more low carb based post every once in a while!

Wild Yogawear is Live!

Growing up, I lived in sweatpants. I’ve literally been grounded before because I came back from a school trip wearing sweatpants and everyone else was wearing regular clothes. As I got older, I started being called Choncha (“Choncha, lemme borrow your sweats” from Nacho Libre). I wasn’t introduced to yoga pants until my mom finally got sick of my sweats and bought me a pair of yoga pants in the hopes I would convert to those. So to say that comfy pants are in my blood may be an understatement.

This has been such a long time coming. And now I finally get to talk about it! It’s been probably 8 months and dozens of designs to get to where we are today. When building our brand, we wanted to find a way to help others with out clothing. We settled on helping something that could not help themselves: animals. We currently donate 10% of net profits to help save Elephants and Giraffes.

Wild Yogawear is officially live on Kickstarter!! We are taking pre-orders for the pastel blue Giraffe & Elephant yoga pants.



Our high-waisted yoga pants keep you comfortably sucked-in without digging into your skin.


Forget those tiny pockets that only hold a single key. Our yoga pants have two full size pockets. Boom.


Grab a pair of our yoga pants today and tackle extreme workouts with ease. (Or just wear them to brunch. We won’t tell.)


Check us out on Kickstarter and help us save Elephants and Giraffes through our wildly comfortable yoga pants.

Giving back has never looked this good.