My Supplement Routine

First off, let’s start with the fact that this is not sponsored (But hit me up! I would love to be sponsored by HUM). I just genuinely love HUM Nutrition. Now I am not someone who would ever take my vitamins when I was younger. You could not pay me enough or bribe me with enough candy to swallow a multi-vitamin. It just wasn’t;t going to happen. Bless my mom, she tried her best.

It wasn’t until I got out of college that I even started looking into vitamins. Like my interest in skincare, my interest in supplements started when I was looking for solutions for my acne. That’s when I found the Daily Cleanse supplements.


These little green capsules detox your entire system, including your skin. This herb-nutrient blend includes organic chlorella algae, bladderwrack, red clover extract, alpha lipoid acid, and milk thistle that helps boost the immune system and purify the body. This blend of ingredients also works as an anti-inflammatory & antioxidant.

I will note that when I first start taking these, my face will break out. I think that is from it pulling out all of the toxins because after probably 2 weeks, my face is incredibly clear. If I run out of these and don’t repurchase for a couple months, I will have to go through that process all over again. Just something to keep in mind.


When my boyfriend started having severe stomach issues last year, we didn’t know what was going on. Luckily, after getting diagnosed with a stomach problem, he has been able to work with his doctor to manage his symptoms fairly well. Going through all of this for months on end though, made us realize how important gut health really was. I already knew I trusted HUM Nutrition, so I decided to try their Gut Instinct supplements.

Essentially, this probiotic helps support the immune system. A blend of 10 strains of probiotics, helps regulate your system and makes sure your gut is functioning the way it should. BONUS: it also helps alleviate bloating.


The most recent addition to my regimen is the Ripped Booster. Not something I take everyday, I like to use these in conjunction with my workouts to help keep my energy up as well as burn some additional calories. This natural fat-burner includes 7-Keto, an ingredient that has been known to enable three times the weight reduction than diet and exercise alone. Now I have not seen that, but I have also not been taking it everyday. I have, however, noticed a decrease in my food cravings on the days when I take these.



What supplements do you take?


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