Brand Overview: Nyakio

Nyakio is one of the newest brands to arrive at Ulta. A less expensive alternative for people that want to delve into green skincare, I thought I’d share with you some of the products that I have had the chance to test out from them.

By far my favorite product is the Kenyan Coffee Facial Polish. It is absolutely amazing. It has definitely become my current go-to exfoliator. Somehow its abrasive enough to really get a good exfoliation while being gentle enough to be able to use multiple times a week. It feels as if the Kenyan Coffee beans have been rounded into very small spheres so there are no harsh edges anywhere, which means I have no real fear of micro tears. This leaves my skin feeling impossibly smooth and prepped for the next stages in my skincare routine.


I enjoy the Quinoa Eye Cream. I adore the ceramic applicator. It’s so incredibly cooling and depuffing. My only problem with it is that a couple times that I have used it, it has burned my eyes slightly and made them start to water. The actual product seems great on my undereyes, but I think because it’s a little thinner it moves slightly throughout the night and can get into my actual eye. If it didn’t move so much after application, I would love it.

The Sweet Almond Cleansing Oil Balm does a great job at removing pesky makeup. It can be slightly difficult to remove because it does not emulsify, but since I use it as a first cleanse to remove makeup, that is not a huge issue. I just use a warm washcloth to remove it and go in with a second cleanse to ensure I got everything. If you are the type of person who does not use a washcloth, I might stay away from this as it is difficult to remove without one.


The Tamanu Firming Face Balm is probably the product that I have used the least. Living in Texas, it can sometime get far too hot for a rich balm like this one. But since we have been having crazy weather recently, I have had the chance to really dive into this. It is a beautiful balm. It feels thick, yet sinks into my skin quickly. It tends to leave my skin looking a little shiny after application, so I prefer to use this at night. When I do, my skin is noticeably plump, hydrated and glowing the next morning.


Would you try anything from Nyakio?

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