PurEarth Mitti Mask

I have long been a believer of the transformative powers of honey, specifically for acneic skin. When I first heard about this mask, the raw, organic honey is what truly drew me to it. It’s the first ingredient. PERFECTION! These masks are micro batched & wild harvested to ensure the purest ingredients. PurEarth utilizes Ayurvedic medicinal principles when choosing their botanical actives & clays.


To be entirely honest, I had only heard of Ayurveda once in passing, so I knew very little about what it was & how it could apply to skincare.

Essentially, Ayurveda is an Indian science & philosophy that “utilizes plant and mineral based healing which harnesses the potency of wild harvested herbs, seeds, roots, leaves and flowers. Seeking to create harmony and balance between the mind the body, we draw from its sacred repository that is believed to govern the fundamental energies that relate to all our biological processes.”

How PurEarth utilizes Ayurvedic principles in their skincare

Taken directly from their website:

“Our approach to beauty and wellness does not rely on quick fixes or chemical solutions – we believe that for the external to be beautiful, the internal must be in balance. The secret to youth and wellbeing, according to Ayurvedic literature, is in the balance of three elemental energies or doshas: vāta (air & space), pitta (fire & water) and kapha (water & earth). Everyone possesses a unique combination of doṣhas that defines their temperament and characteristics.”

Typically when I think of a clay mask, I think incredibly drying. The kind of mask that crumbles off your face when you move & leaves my face feeling like it’s dying for a tall glass of water. This mask is nothing like that. Yes, it has the detoxifying properties of a traditional clay mask, but without drying effects that can reek havoc on my skin. Because of the honey and a whole array of oils inside of this mask, it actually hydrates while clearing out my pores.

Now this is unlike any mask I’ve ever used, making it incredibly hard to categorize. It detoxifies, cleanses, hydrates & promotes collagen production. This really is a super hero mask that does it all.


The real reason I love this mask is for the way that it was able to lighten pigmentation left behind due to acne. Within the first couple of uses, I noticed the redness in my skin reducing. My acne was starting to look less noticeable. My skin looked more plump and I found that I started using less makeup to hid my acne. That in-and-of-itself makes this product worth it for me.

This specifically contains raw organic honey, something my skin absolutely loves. Since honey is naturally antibacterial, it helps with treating and preventing acne. It’s also incredibly hydrating so I don’t end up stripping my skin of essential moisture. The Mitti Clay Face Masque also contains rosa damascena, frankincense, sweet orange and ylang ylang essential oils in organic avocado, tamanu and macadamia oils.

I’ve already gone through over half of the jar with no plans to stop anytime. I may have found my perfect clay mask!

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