Worlds Tiniest Suitcase: Away Mini Suitcase

For the last four days I’ve living out of the worlds tiniest suitcase as we traveled all around Texas for Thanksgiving with all the family.

I should probably clarify; I own two of the Away Mini Suitcases. One houses all of my skincare, haircare and other random bits and bobs. The second hold all of my makeup.

Each empty case will set you back $35. In my opinion it’s a little steep for what you get, but if it can stand the test of time like they say it can, then it’s well worth me not having to but new travel makeup bags every year.


These are some of the most adorable makeup bags that I have ever seen. You know how people see tiny shoes for babies and ogle at how precious they are. That’s how I stare at these mini suitcases.

This year, they came out in all of the 10 traditional colors as well as the 3 specialty shades, but me being the basic girl that I am, went with the white version.


Functionally, they’re actually pretty dang good. The hard shell keeps the contents protected since my duffel bag can get pretty banged around being taken in and out of the car and shoved around multiple houses. Things inevitable get piled on top of it and this weekend I watched in terror as the whole bag got flung across the room. Luckily, the hard case protected everything perfectly.

They are also fairly spacious inside. I was able to fit my full makeup routine in one with room to spare. The dimensions of all the minis are 7 inches tall, 5 inches wide and 3 inches deep. One side has a mesh compartment to hold smaller items so they don’t roll around while the rest of the mini suitcase if completely open.


The inside is slightly too small to fit most of my palettes though, which is a bit of a bummer if I’m trying to not have to pack outside of the case. If they were just about a half inch taller, I wouldn’t have to pick and choose my travel palettes by size.

The real problem with the mini suitcase: They sell these tiny suitcases once a year, typically with no warning that it’s coming back and they sell out in only a week or so. Once they’re gone, they’re gone for that year and you have to wait another year to get access to them again.

Last year, I didn’t know that they had landed and ended up missing out on picking one up. So this year, I saw that they arrived and order two that day. If I hadn’t I would have probably missed out all over again since I think they sold out ridiculously quickly.

As of right now, you can not pick them up. They went live November 13th and are already sold out for the year. So if you missed your chance this year, you’re just going to have to eagerly wait until they bring them out again next year.

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