Let’s start out with I have NEVER been good at doing my own hair. I have always taken good care of it, but when it comes to styling, that was just never a skill I was able to master. Now I am getting married in about 8 months. I had very long hair (it touched the top on my butt) that had an overgrown balayage.

First mistake: I went to a new salon I didn’t know. I had seen her work on Instagram and thought it looked beautiful, but I had never actually met her. I’m newer to the area and had yet to find a salon I loved. Since I was going in for what I thought would be a very simple cut and color appointment, I didn’t see how this would be a big problem. I scheduled an appointment and went in, showed her my inspo pics and discussed the color and cut I was looking for.

Below I have included the inspo pictures that I gave her for the color & cut.

What ended up happening was a waking nightmare. I told her a wanted a couple inches cut off. She grabbed one of the shorter layered front pieces and said “this much?” grabbing a couple inches. Yes. She then proceeded to take that hair to the back of my head and lob off the entire back chunk of my hair at that length, cutting off around 8 inches from the back. This was before the actual haircut.

She then goes to dye my hair. One would think that she would bleach the top of my head to match my blonde lengths before applying color to give the strawberry color that I was after. For reference, by natural color is a mid toned brown. What she did do was apply a dark brown red all over my head. No bleach. Not even close to the correct color. Because I’m quiet and hate confrontation, I let this all go. She obviously knows more about color than I do. This will probably turn out the color I was wanting when the dye washes out. WRONG. I now have hair much shorter than I wanted, with very dark brown hair. All while she is telling me how great this looks and how wonderful the color is.

My 3 hour appointment window only ended up taking me 1 1/2 hours. She finished the cut, bringing my hair about 9 or 10 inches shorter than I walked in with. The ends are choppy and uneven, no real layers to be seen and the curtain bangs I asked for don’t exist.

I called my mom the next day and she was actually getting her hair done from a stylist we have both used for years. She was mortified at what had happened and I have an appointment to try to fix as much as I can with her. She has also put me on hair supplements and a hair growth shampoo and conditioner for the foreseeable future. At least I have 8 months to fix this mess. I’m going to need every second of it!

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