August Empties

It seems like actually getting through a product takes a lifetime. Considering how much I have, It’s a wonder that I’m ever able to  go through a product in its entirety. If I do make it all the way through, you know that I truly loved it. These are the skincare & beauty bits that I made it through in August.

RITUAL Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel

My problem with most body washes and bar soaps is that “squeaky clean” feeling that you get when you wash the soap away. My skin ends up feeling tight and dry. I must immediately feel the need to drop myself in a vat of body oil to alleviate my dry skin.

That’s how I felt until I found RITUAL Yogi Flow. This stuff is pure perfection. No, I am not exaggerating. It’s a foam to gel (but feels almost like an oil) body wash that leaves my skin feeling beautiful moisturized as opposed to tight. I have every intention of picking up a new full-size bottle of this magical gel this weekend.

LilFox Jungle Glow

This is the exfoliator I have been searching for my entire life! It’s gritty enough to actually get a good exfoliation without feeling like its ripping the top layer of skin off my face. The honey in it helps it stick onto my face and makes my skin feel moisturizing. I like to leave it on for a few minutes as a flash mask before applying a little water and using it as an exfoliator.

I’m so sad that it’s gone. As I try to force myself to wait to get another one until I go through my other exfoliators, I’m realizing that nothing else I currently own compares. It’s just so good!

Maya Chia The Super Couple

I freakin’ love this stuff! It’s almost like a dry oil; it sinks into my skin within a minute, leaving my skin soft, supple, & smooth. My skin is incredibly sensitive. I typically break out when my skin is mad. When it gets that way where it’s just very angry with me, I always reach for The Super Couple. It has this way of calming my skin down that unlike any other oil I’ve ever used. I definitely plan on picking up another bottle of this soon!

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

This is the only product that I finished up last month that I’m on the fence about. It just think it’s fine. To be fair, I don’t really ever use any texturizing sprays in my hair, so it could be just me, but I don’t see anything amazing when I use it. My hair still looks the same with or without it. I don’t hate it. It didn’t do anything bad to my hair by any means. I just don’t really know what it did do for my hair. For the price, I just don’t think I could justify buying another can of this stuff.

That’s not to say that I don’t love Oribe as a brand though. Their wave mouse is sent down straight from the heavens. And I’m madly in love with their fine hairspray. It’s just I don’t think the texturizing spray (or any texturizing spray really) is for me. Maybe I’m just using it totally wrong though.


What did you get through last month?

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