Pyunkang Yul Skincare Review

I have spent the last week using a pretty much exclusively Pyunkang Yul skincare routine (I did use a first cleanse and eye cream from other brands). I watched a review on the brand by Gothamista and she spoke so highly of the products that I decided to give them a try. Overall, the brand is not incredibly expensive. The 5-step routine that I picked up ended up costing me just over $100 after the discount that Gothamista had. After using these products morning and night, I have found some that I really enjoy using and some that are just not my favorite.

Everything was purchased from

The Routine:
  • Cleansing Foam
  • Mist Toner
  • Moisture Serum
  • Moisture Cream
  • Moisture Ampoule

All of these products were formulated for more oily, acne-prone skin, which sounded perfect for my skin. I did start off the week with a couple large breakouts as well and the after redness from breakouts that had gone away. My goal with this routine was to find something that put in enough moisture into my skin for all the drier areas while not being so thick that it clogged my pores and made me breakout even more.


Cleansing Foam

If I am completely honest, this was not my favorite product. I like to use cleansers that are moisturizing. This left my skin feeling dry and tight right after. The feeling did go away once I put on the toner and serum, but I just think a prefer something more like the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel as my second cleanse.

This did have a “stretchy” consistency, meaning after i rubbed the product in my hands, when I went to separate my hands, ribbons of cleanser would be connecting my hands together. It was really odd, but also fascinating. I did feel clean after using this, I just am not a huge fan of foam cleansers. If you like foam cleansers, you would probably like this.

Rating: 2/5


Mist Toner

I have one major complaint about this toner: the sprayer is terrible. Because it has a sprayer, I assume that they intended for you to mist this on your face after cleansing, but that is damn near impossible. I tried it that way for a couple days, but it was just ridiculous. I ended up spraying it into the palm of my hands and applying it to my face from there. That worked quite a bit better.

Aside from the evil mister, I actually really enjoyed this toner. It did soak into the skin very quickly and put some much needed moisture back into my skin. If felt very soothing.

Rating: 3/5


Moisture Serum

I did really enjoy this. It would sink into my skin incredibly quickly. It did, however make one area on the top part of my cheek feel sore when I would put it on. Almost like it had been rubbed raw. That feeling did go away quickly, but I did find it strange that only that one spot had that feeling. On days when my skin was feeling extra tight, I would apply this once, wait a few minutes and then go in with a second layer to add in even more moisture without adding any extra greasiness.

Rating: 4/5

MoistureCream MoistureCreamOpen

Moisture Cream

This is by far my favorite product that I tried out of the range. It is so incredibly this in texture and yet it still provides a great amount of moisture. This is perfect as a morning moisturizer for oily skin because it never made my skin feel like there was too much product on it. Makeup sits beautifully on top.

I probably prefer this for morning as I typically like something a little thicker at night, but I really don’t think I could say enough good things about this. It is beautiful.

Rating: 5/5


Moisture Ampoule

This is a foreign concept for me. I think, when I put on my moisturizer, that is my final step. But this actually come AFTER moisturizer to lock in everything. Again, this does not leave a great residue, but it does give a bit of a glow to the skin.

The texture of this is kind of strange. It feels almost like a thick serum, but when you push it into the skin it has almost a powdery texture and yet it was the tiniest bit tacky. It’s very strange, and at first I did not think that I would like it, but I definitely noticed a difference between when I used it and when I skipped that part in my routine. I added that final layer of moisture at night to make sure that I skin looked radiant in the morning.

This also layered very well under makeup, acting almost like a primer. Because it was ever so slightly tacky, it felt like my foundation adhered better to my skin and stayed in place longer.

Rating: 5/5


My favorite thing about this routine is that everything was incredibly thin in texture. Yes I did apply 3 different moisturizing products. But the fact that they were all so thin and quick to sink into my skin made it possible for me to get away with that kind of moisture of my combination, acne-prone skin. My skin felt plump and hydrated, but never greasy. It sat incredibly well under makeup and even helped prevent me from getting oily throughout the day.

My only thing is that while all of these products help eliminate oiliness, nothing seems to be actively treating any existing breakouts that you make have. It does seem to sooth the skin and helps reduce the after effects left behind by acne, but I don’t think it actually helped with active acne. My acne spots did not seem to go down any faster than usual.

Have any of you tried this skincare line before? I’m very curious to see how others have gotten along with this brand.

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