Hair Necessities

I don’t know that I have ever loved my hair. It’s fine I suppose, but it’s never been anything special. Typically it finds it’s way into a ponytail by lunch because I just can’t stand it being in my face while I work. I have done almost everything under the sun to it as well. It’s been red, bleach blonde, brown and black. I even got bored one day and took a pair of kitchen scissors to it (not a great idea, I know). For reference, I have long, thin, pin-straight and very brittle hair.

My entire family has had issues with dry hair that wants to fall out. Over the past few months, I have been on a mission to find products that give life back to my hair and make me actually want to keep my hair down. If it’s gonna be in a ponytail all day, I might as well cut it and make it more manageable.

The following are products that seem to be helping my hair retain more moisture and strength without weighing my hair down.

1. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle

I have been using this in two different forms: Strong & Moist.

Strong claims to provide 10x the moisture in 3 minutes. I must say, it’s probable true. After using it my hair immediately feels stronger. My hair is more resilient and I have a lot less fallout.

Moist gives 3x the moisture in 3 minutes. My dry, dull hair immediately has shine. My hair normally likes to tangle like no other and it takes me hours before I can get a comb thru it after showering. But after using this my hair is so silky smooth that I can immediately brush thru my hair.

2. UMA Intensely Nourishing Hair Oil

This product is interesting for me, mainly because it has 3 different uses. It can be used as a pre-wash treatment (my favorite way), an after shower hair oil, or a oil for dry hair. Because my hair is thin, I find that it is too strong to use on my dry hair. I will end up looking like a grease ball.

But I love using it before showering. You only need 5-6 drops for your entire head, focusing mainly on your scalp region. I like to leave it on for about a half hour before I shower. After showering it all off, my hair feel cleaner than ever. When I still have wet hair I’ll massage 2-3 drops into the ends of my hair for extra strength and shine. Ever since using this I have been getting compliments on how healthy my hair looks.

What products do you like to use to make your hair look its best? I’m always looking for new things to give a try!


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