NAILED IT: Winter Nails

Winter nails have to me some of my favorite shades. For some reason I rarely find myself painting my nails during the summer, but once fall and winter rolls around you won’t find me with naked nails. These are some of my absolute favorite winter nail colors.

Nails Inc x Victoria Beckham in Bamboo White – Just a shade off of milky white, this polish is one of my go-to’s all year round, but especially in the winter. Black chunky leather jacket, stacked rings, and this beautiful cream shade on my nails really is one of my staples in winter. I don’t believe that this is still available, which is a huge disappointment since I have been hard pressed to find a shade quite like it.

Nails Inc Gel Effect Polish in Porchester Square – I LOVE a good grey in the winter, but it has to have the right undertone. This one is particular is almost a grey-purple which I find to be extremely flattering on my skin tone, especially when I’m extra winter pale. It never makes me look dead, but also doesn’t look too oddly orange on me. Because it’s a gel effect polish, I find that it last much longer than my typical polishes do; I can easily go a week+ with no chipping.

Chanel Le Vernis in 504 Organdi – There really is just nothing more sophisticated than a beautiful nude polish. This is such an odd shade for me. In my apartment, it looks like my perfect nude. The second I step outside, it turns into a beautiful pink. Genuinely, I can’t figure out how it can look like such different shades depending on the light. But I love it; two nail polishes in one!

J. Hannah in Eames – I just recently picked this up because I was so in love with this khaki green shade for winter. A very beautiful muted way to add color into my typically very nude polish collection.

Smith & Cult in Lovers Creep – In the winter I like to replace my bright cherry red polish for a much deeper burgundy red. This one from Smith & Cult is an absolute classic in my opinion. It’s deep enough to be a blackened cherry, but not so deep that you actually lose what color it is and start to think that maybe it’s just black. The formula on this is also perfect. It’s a very thin consistency which helps it dry abnormally quickly, but it is opaque in two coats.

J. Hannah in Blue NudesI have quickly fallen head over heels in love with J. Hannah polishes. This rich, deep navy blue is one of those shades that screams winter to me. Barely off of black, this is the shade I reach for when I want to add a little edge to my outfit.

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