Holiday Gift Guide: Bath, Body, & Haircare Edit

The holidays are my favorite time of year. I absolutely adore the cold weather, hold chocolate, & being with loved ones. This year, I am on a mission to find the best gifts for my friends & family. These are my top recommendations for Bath, Body, & Haircare!


BATH     ———————————————————————————————————————–

Susanne Kaufmann Bath Oils Trio


Dear lord these smell amazing. If you are wanting to get into the Christmas mood, these are how you do it. These luxurious oils elevate any bath into a beautiful self-care experience. Which Hazel is designed to help combat dry, flakey, winter skin & smells of witch hazel & sage. Bath for the Senses contains a gorgeous blend of ylang ylang, patchouli & lavender. It has a slightly soapy scent, but still beautiful. My personal favorite, Winter smells of cinnamon, clove & orange. Literally sweet cinnamon, this is the perfect holiday scent. I open it up randomly just to smell it. If they ever came out with a candle version of it, I would pick up 12 and burn them all year long. I actually think I may love these even more that my favorite Aromatherapy Associates bath oils, & that’s saying a lot!

Therapie Discover Me Gift Set


I have long been an admirer of Therapie. I’d seen The Anna Edit talk about them for years & have always been curious to see if they really were as amazing as she made them sound. The Discover Me Gift Set is the perfect way to explore the range of products that Therapie offers.

This set includes deluxe minis of their Boost Hair & Body Wash, Cherish Skin Repair Serum, Equilibrium Bath & Shower Essence, Himalayan Detox Salts, & the Restore Aura Spray.


Don’t want a whole gift set or have your eye on one particular product? Therapie offers stocking stuffer sized versions of some of their cult products. My personal favorite (this seems to be a cult favorite) are their bath salts.

YUZU Bath Bomb Cubes 


These quickly became my favorite bath bombs & would make the perfect small gift or stocking stuffer for a loved one. With multiple scents to choose from the bath bomb cubes are creamy, making your skin so silky smooth you can skip out on your lotion. I’ve never found a bath bomb that was more moisturizing. This scent in particular, Lavender Sage, is one of the most relaxing scents I’ve ever smelt. But be warned, it may make you want to fall asleep in the bath!


BODY     ———————————————————————————————————————–


Moon Juice Moon Dust Collection


I am just getting into the world of smoothies, juicing and powders. I will not claim to fully understand what each ingredient does and why, which makes something like this the perfect gift for me. Each collection box comes with 12 single serving sachets, 2 of each type of Moon Dust that Moon Juice offers: Beauty, Brain, Sex, Power, Spirit, & Dream.

Moon Juice Bliss Miss Set


Don’t want a smoothie or juice but still want to try out the benefits of Moon Juice powders? Look no further! Moon Juice came out with Bliss Miss, a hot chocolate gift set that comes with a full size of either the Spirit or Sex Dust. One of the better hot chocolates I’ve had, no one with even know their having something healthy!

Marvis Seven Days of Flavor Set


Am I the only weirdo that would be excited to get toothpaste in my stocking? Probably.  But there is just something so appealing about this set. I first saw Marvis at a drugstore in Paris, & after that, I’ve been wanting to try them.



HAIR     ———————————————————————————————————————–

IGK Friends With Benefits Texture & Shine Set


What I refer to as the “Cool Girl Haircare Company”, IGK has something for every type of hair need. My favorite gift set that they offer has to be the Friends With Benefits set, as I find that it works amazingly well for thin hair that can easily get weighed down with product. I never thought that I would say that I actually liked a 2 in 1 cleansing conditioner, but Smoke & Mirrors is perfection. This cream-to-oil melts into your scalp & hair, providing the perfect amount of moisture while still actually getting your hair clean. Mistress, the leave in conditioner, is the shot of moisture that my hair desperately needs without ever weighing down my hair. To add extra volume & texture, I use Beach Club that is salt-free, so it doesn’t dry out my hair.



What product are you gifting this holiday season?

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