What is a multifunctional palette?

If you’ve been on Instagram or Youtube for a while, then you’ve probably heard of Linda Hallberg, one of the most gorgeous human beings. This makeup artist got famous for her use of colors in new & exciting ways.

Images from LindaHallberg.se

I loved watching her and it was no surprise when she came out with her own makeup line. What was surprising was what she came out with: Multifunctional Palettes.

Essentially used as a artists palette, the company refers to their shades as colors instead of specific products. These colors were designed to do it all. These use ingredients that are safe to be used for anything: eyes, face, brows, body. You name it, these shadows can be used for it. The colors can be mixed and matched to create the perfect shade for your needs. All of the palettes are also vegan & cruelty free.

Infinity Palette – $45.00


The first palette that was released was the Infinity Palette: the perfect base everyday palette. Containing shades that can be used for contouring, bronzing, highlighter, blush, brows & shadow, this is a great starter palette. This bad boy is a power house palette. With a beautiful silky formula, this is the perfect travel palette. The Infinity Palette comes in a combination of four warm and four cool shades, in both matte and shimmery finishes that can be used both wet & dry. I love that this palette contains three matte brows: a neutral, cool & warm. This allows a range of skin tones to mix & create their perfect contour & bronzing colors. It also contains a richly pigmented black, which I find many palettes seem to struggle with.

The best part about this? Because of the shade range & color payoff, I truly believe that almost any skin tone could use this. If you were to pick up one palette from the collection, I would recommend this one as it is so incredibly versatile.

Metallic Mysteries – $59.00


My personal favorite of the two newly released palettes, specifically because I’m likely to use it more in my everyday makeup routine, these four intense metallic shadows are not quite as soft as the Enchanted Secrets & Infinity Palettes, but give of the most beautiful reflective sheen to the eye. With 3 intense metallic shimmers & one metallic infused with sparkle (Collision), these shades are beautiful as a wash of color all over the eye or as a bright pop in the center of the lid.

Enchanted Secrets – $59.00


Enchanted Secrets Duochrome Palette is hands down one of the most unique palettes Linda Hallberg offers. These duochrome shadows are softer than silk & transform depending on which color you use underneath. They can be used dry for a light wash of reflective color, or over a dark base to really make the duochrome effect stand out.


Would you ever use a Multifunctional Palette? Which is your favorite?

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