Required for winter

When it comes to weather, Texas is known for our blazing hot summers. So it always seems to surprise me when I start freezing to death in the winter. I was not built for the cold and yet somehow I want to move to Colorado. 

When winter does roll around, I find I end up making quite a change in my skincare habits. For me, the summer is all about using layers of light hydration. In the winter, I want to drown myself in a vat of Mahalo Balm to help soothe my dry, flaky skin.

This year, I refuse to be caught off guard by the weather. The SECOND there is even a hint of a chill, I’m going full force into my winter skincare routine. NO FLAKY SKIN FOR ME PEOPLE! 

Winter skincare is all about packing in the hydration. Here are the things I like to incorporate or increase in my skincare routine to help get me through the season unscathed.


Hydrating Masks

Not typically brought out in the warmer months, more hydrating masks become my go-to face masks in the winter. That instant boost of moisture really helps soothe my skin and provides relief to the tightness I feel when my skin is too dry.


Sisley Eye Contour Mask – $145.00

Specific to the delicate eye area, this is the best mask I have found at deeply hydrating such a sensitive area. Especially in the winter, I find I tend to forget to put extra care into this area. Using this mask really helps keep your under-eyes hydrated and smooth all winter long.

Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio-Repair Gel Mask – $52.00 

Built with 5 different rose stem cells, this mask is designed to help prevent signs of aging, including reducing fine lines, hydrating, brightening and firming. This all-in-one mask really does hydrate deep down instead of just adding moisture to the surface level of your skin which is why I really love it for the winter.


I am in love with using balms at night. But in the crazy heat of a Texas summer, they just end up sitting in my drawer. When winter rolls around is really when these baby get to come out and play. I typically will replaces my moisturizer for a balm that I find penetrates deeper, providing a longer lasting shot of hydration.


Mahalo’s Mahalo Balm – $72.00

There is just something about this balm that I really love. This balm melts on contact, turning into a golding oil that is able to deeply penetrate the skin, providing an unparalleled level of hydration without being too thick and clogging pores. It contains Tumeric, Macadamia oil, as well as Tamanu oil, making this the perfect for finicky acne-prone skin that’s in need of hydration.


Eye Cream

I use something under my eyes all year long, but in the winter I like to swap out my thinner gel or oil for a richer cream to really help hydrate the under eye area. I find that in the summer a rich cream is too much and can cause congestion, but in the winter it delivers the perfect boost of hydration.


Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream – $52.00

I have been using this cream every winter for probably the last 5 years. It is my go-to, tried and true eye cream that I know will hydrate my under-eyes without being so thick that it clogs that area. I don’t really know what there is to say about eye cream. It’s an eye cream. It’s lovely. That’s about it.


Physical Exfoliators

In the summer, I tend to use a lot of physical exfoliators. When winter rolls around, I opt for more of a combination of chemical as well as physical exfoliators. While I love chemical exfoliators, physical exfoliators just get the job done so much faster, and when the top layer of skin gets dry and flaky a physical exfoliator just sloths that stuff off in 2 seconds flat!


LilFox Jungle Glow – $75.00

This has to be my all-time favorite exfoliator. I have not found anything that even remotely compares. To me, it has the perfect amount of graininess to really help got rid of all of the flaky skin while not being too grainy and rubbing my face raw. It also contains honey which 1. helps its adhere to my face really well, 2. is antimicrobial which I find helps with my acne, and 3. makes it taste amazing. I know you’re not supposed to eat it, but when i wash it off some of the residue always gets on my lips and I hate when it tastes like chemicals and makes me cringe. There is literally only one bad thing I can say about the LilFox Jungle Glow: I ran out of it and need it back in my life.


What do you change up in your skincare routine in the colder months?

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