The Instagrammers that made me want to join Instagram

I have always been shy. To the point where it has been crippling at times. My dad like to tell the story about when I was really little, my dad had this attachment for his bike that was basically a trailer he would put me and my little brother in and he’d take us to the park. My brother jumped out once we got there and found a group of high school girls and asked them to play with him. They pushed him on the swing, played tag, and hide & seek. They were basically putty in his hands. What was I doing? I was attached my to fathers leg. I would not let go because people were there and I was scared.

It wasn’t until I found Instagram that I found an outlet for my creativity while also helping with my intense shyness. I always felt like I was better at images than words. I just felt like I could convey so much more in a picture that I ever could talking to someone.

For me at least, Instagram felt like a way for me to feel open enough to completely be myself without fear of prosecution. I was able to show my obsession with makeup & skincare without people judging me. I’ve been able to come out of my shell and talk about things I truly love with people that share my same interest. It’s just been an amazing platform for me.

There were four Instagrams in particular that I fell in love with. These were the feeds that made me want to start my own.

Detail Oriented Beauty



I found Detail Oriented Beauty at a time when I was really struggling with my skin. It had just started really breaking out and it felt like it was getting out of control. I was looking for anyone who knew anything about skincare. Detail Oriented Beauty opened my eyes to the world of skincare, in particular more green-based skincare companies. The rest is history. I know love smaller, green beauty brands. I also just love how incredibly knowledgeable she is about the products she uses.

Instagram: @DetailOrientedBeauty

The Laura Blair



The Laura Blair is one of the more recent Instagrams that I found. I actually found her through her YouTube fashion haul videos. Her style is just amazing. I’ve always been bad at a personal style. I like edgier outfits (i.e.: leather jackets, dark jeans, vintage t’s & black booties), but the way she mixed edgier pieces in with incredibly feminine outfits opened my eyes to a whole new world of fashion.

I know that my Instagram is mainly skincare posts (I just felt more comfortable starting out without really showing myself), but I really want to start incorporating more outfits posts and really put myself out there more. That is completely because of her.

Instagram: @TheLauraBlair

Orchids And Peonies



Orchids & Peonies was one of the first Instagrams that I came across. Everything was so beautiful and flowed so perfectly. The combination of flowers and skincare always stood out. It was so simple and yet made a real impact. I truly believe that this Instagram was the final push to get me to actually start my own. Just seeing something so gorgeous made me want to try my hand at it as well.

Instagram: @OrchidsAndPeonies

Josie LDN



Josie LDN is probably the girliest Instagram that I follow. It’s completely opposite from me and my personal style, and yet it is one of my favorite feeds to look at. The way that she is able to capture everything in a photo is just so aesthetically pleasing. It’s actually making me like for feminine pieces, which is something I never thought I would say.

Instagram: @JosieLDN



What are some of your favorite Instagram feeds?


  1. I enjoyed reading! I love your Instagram btw. Like you, I’m super shy so sticking to product shots and having an instagram theme let’s me be creative but not constantly worried if my new pics are good enough. Haha.
    I can post the same ole pics in creative ways but still keep my theme which eliminates the fear from Shyness.
    Another account I’m
    Currently loving is @thelifestylefilesblog

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! Somehow having a consistent theme has kept me feeling like as long as they fit that theme, then I’m doing something right and it makes me less nervous. I’m going on a trip in a couple weeks, so I want to try to step out of my comfort zone more and post some stuff with me actually in it. We’ll see how that goes!


      1. I think that’s an exception. When I’m out travelling, I allow myself a little leeway to step out of the usual theme and be free. You want to enjoy the trip and capture special moments without constantly looking for the perfect theme worthy moment. Enjoy your trip!


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