Glow Mystery Launch Box



I bought a Glow Mystery Launch Box from Glow Recipe
a few weeks ago and it arrived yesterday! I'm so 
excited about it because they send 10 new masks for 
us to try out. We get to tell them which ones we 
really liked and they will begin stocking those in 
their store. 

Basically, I paid to be their ginnea pig...

I will try to find links to all of these products,
but I don't believe Glow Recipe stocks most of 
these yet so I'll have to find them somewhere else.


Wonder Bath
Salon De TTE Mask
"The" means skin in Korean, and this nifty 
exfoliating pad lifts away the top layer of dead 
skin cells with absolutely no irritation or pain.
If you have ever used one of those exfoliating 
gels that starts to pill up when you rub it into 
your skin, this is exactly the same only the liquid
is soaked in a pad that has an extra exfoliating 
quilted side.

I used this last night after cleansing my face 
and my skin has never felt more smooth. It was so
easy to use and the second I was done I could tell
how much softer my skin was. I really hope they 
stock this permanently!

Wedding Dress Sheet Mask
Let's start off by saying how adorable this one is
with the wedding dress on it. One of my best friends
is getting married and I'm pretty sure I now have 
to givethis to her. 

This is an incredibly thin mask that has a Pearl and 
Caviar essence which is meant to enhance luminosity 
and brighten the skin. Being that it is this I think 
this one will apply great and not kind of stick off 
your face like a lot of thick sheet masks tend to do.


I'm Sorry For My Skin
Mud Mask Sheet
This is basically a mud mask in sheet mask form. 
I've never used anything like this, but it kind 
of sounds awesome. The clay mask is non-drying, 
so no need to worry about the mask attacking your 
face when you go to take it off. The mask is meant 
to detoxify, remove dead skin, and provide 
essential nutrients. Its sounds like life saver 
for my acne-prone skin!

Update: I tried this one tonight and although it 
does say non-drying on the pamphlet provided, it 
does dry when on your face. It didn't hurt to pull 
it off tho and barely had any tugging at all. Once 
I took it off, it left my skin feeling so incredibly 
smooth. Would definitely recommend this one. It does 
feel slightly messier than mosts sheet masks because 
it is made out of clay so just keep that in mind.

Saturday Skin
Quench Intense Hydration Mask
This super slim hydrogel mask acts like a cool 
drink of water for dry skin. Infused with Hyaluronic 
Acid, Aloe, and Watermelon extract to smooth and 
calm irritated skin. This mask is built for an 
immediate moisture boost!


The Botanist Peony Mask
Built for brightening, this milk essence filled 
microfiber mask is meant to revitalize dull, 
lackluster complexions. While I have not used 
this mask yet, I have found that products built 
around "brightening" the skin have been incredibly 
helpful for fading my acne scars, so if you suffer 
from red spots left over from acne, this mask may 
help you as well!

The Botanist Lavender Mask
This is essentially the same as the previous 
microfiber mask, only with lavender extract instead 
of peony. Lavender is meant to increase the skins 
energy and smooth dry, uneven complexions. I've 
never heard of giving the skin energy through a 
mask before, but I can't wait to give this a try!


J. One
Vita Mask
I have been wanting to try these since the 
second I saw that they were even a thing! This 
is a 2-step face mask. The first is the actual 
tencel sheet mask, which contains Hylaronic Acid, 
fermented Black Tea extract, and Fullerene. 
These ingredients are supposed to revitalize the 
skin while  plumping and reducing the appliance 
of fine lines. The second step is J. Ones infamous 
Jelly Pack, something I have wanted to get my 
hands on for quite some time. I'm really excited 
to give this a try.

J. One 
Luminous Mask
This mask again is very similar to the previous 
one. It is also a 2-step mask. However, the first 
step is a Bamboo Charcoal fabric sheet mask with 
Fermented Black Tea complex and Black Bee Propolis. 
This is supposed to act as a magnet for pollutants 
and skin-dulling debris. The second step is the 
same Jelly Pack as the Vita Mask. Out of the two, 
this is the one that I am most excited about trying 
out. It sounds perfect for my tired, acne-prone skin.


Pure Cream Firming Radiance Mask
This is a next gen Cupro mask that hold 10x the 
essence of a regular cotton sheet mask. The 
"essence" is more of a milky cream consistency 
that gives the skin deep firming moisture and 
lasting radiance. 

Pure Cream Hydro Radiance Mask
Now the was one of the first ones I tried. The 
idea of a cream consistency intrigued me ad I 
could always use a little extra hydration. It 
really does feel more like it's soaked in a 
moisturizer than a typical essence. Because of 
that, it feels slightly messier than a normal 
sheet mask that you can just slap on your face 
and forget about. I kept this mask for for over 
half an hour and it didn't come close to drying 
on me. They say to leave on for 20 minutes, but 
honestly, you could leave this on for an hour 
without it drying out. It really does give your 
skin a drink of water. My skin was so smooth and 
plumped when I took this off. Really fun to get to 
try something different.


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